Turbo Crispy Liempo

Turbo Crispy Liempo is a tasty and crispy pork belly dish that you can make for lunch or dinner. This can be prepared during any occasion. You can make it as an alternative for lechon kawali

Turbo Crispy Liempo

How to Cook Turbo Crispy Liempo

Making your own Crispy Liempo is easy. You don’t need to be an experienced cook to make one. There are two cooking processes involved, steaming and broiling. Here is how I do it.

Steaming requires to place the pork belly in a steamer to steam for around 1 hour.  This process makes the pork tender. It is essential to obtain the crispy texture later on. Use any kind of steamer during this process.

The pork needs to be prepared after steaming to make it flavorful. I use a meat tenderizer with sharp needles to poke holes on the skin of the pork. It is responsible in the development of the popcorn-like texture on the skin of the pork. The holes also allow the seasoning to penetrate to the meat.

Rub salt and garlic with olive oil all over the pork and let it stay for at least 1 hour. This provides flavor. For better results, I marinate the pork overnight.

Turbo Crispy Liempo

Broiling makes the pork crispy. An convection oven known as turbo broiler is necessary to make it happen. Set your turbo broiler to 365F and then broil for 45 minutes or until crispy.

I love to have my crispy pork with a spicy vinegar dip. Lechon sauce or lechon gravy also makes a perfect dipping sauce. Enjoy it with warm rice and pickled green papaya.

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