Easy Palabok Recipe

This Easy Palabok Recipe is as simple as it can get. Nevertheless, the result is delicious. Newbies in the kitchen should be able to cook this at home, as long the recipe below and the cooking video are followed by the dot.
This palabok version resembles the ones served in a popular fast food chain that originated in the Philippines. The use of bihon makes it quicker to prepare. Of course, you can also make use of the traditional thicker cornstarch sticks. I suggest to refer to this pancit palabok recipe for more information.
How to Cook Easy Palabok
Let’s start by preparing the rice noodles. It does not need to be cooked. All we have to do is soak it in hot water. Do this by boiling a pint or a quart of water in a kettle or pot. Lay the noodles flat on a deep tray. Pour hot or boiling water and then soak for 12 to 15 minutes. Make sure to drain water afterwards.

Making the palabok sauce is also easy. It is somewhat similar in making veloute sauce, except that this version has ground pork and smoked fish flakes. Just like any other roux, start by heating the fat in a pot. We are using canola oil for this recipe. Regular oils such as vegetable or corn oil can also be used. Since I made the toasted garlic from scratch by frying the crushed garlic in oil, the garlic infused oil was used to provide more flavor to the sauce.
Saute the aromatics (garlic and onion). I like the garlic somewhat toasted, so I cook it until it starts to brown. Add ground pork. Saute while stirring until the color turns light brown. Add tinapa (smoked fish) flakes. This ingredient defines palabok. I think that this is one of the most important components of the sauce. Gradually add flour and cook for around 5 minutes in low to medium heat while stirring.
Add the liquid component gradually. I am using annatto water in this recipe. I made it by boiling 1/4 cup of annatto seeds in 2 1/4 cups water. Discard the seeds after filtering. We want the consistency of the sauce to be just right, not to thick and not too thin.

Add a piece of Knorr shrimp Cube to give it that solid shrimp flavor, and season with patis and ground white pepper.

Finish by arranging the bihon on a plate and topping with the palabok sauce. Complete it by topping with cooked shrimp, toasted garlic, crushed chicharon, and chopped green onions. Serve with calamansi or lemon.

Try this easy palabok recipe. Let me know what you think

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